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You should never feel alone on this journey. The BW Accountability Group is here to educate, support, and motivate you every step, everyday.

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Perfect for getting your toes wet, the paid monthly plan will let you decide if this group feels right for you. $20CDN paid monthly with no obligation.

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3 Month Plan

Perfect for keeping you on track. This 3 month plan saves 10% and increases your probability of staying on track. $54CDN paid every 3rd month. 

Stay On Track

6 Month Plan

Perfect for sustaining what you've worked for. Don't fall off the wagon and give back what you've earned. Save 20% when you commit for 6 months $96CDN

Maintain Your Gain

12 Month Plan

The best option for long term personal growth. With our support over a 12 month period you will gain the education, confidence, and perseverance you need to become self sufficient. Our one year plan will save you 40% of a paid monthly plan, making it accessible to anyone serious about living the life they choose. $144CDN for one year.   

Make It Last.

It's not always best to do it alone...

Everyone has struggles, ups downs, and challenges. we are most successful  when we have knowledge, motivation and people just like ourselves who will push us over the hurdles, pick us up when we are down, and get us going when all we want to do is stop.

Pricing Options

All members will recieve the same benefits no matter which renewal plan they choose. Longer term plans offer the best savings and results.




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3 Months



Group Meetings

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8 Pillars Training

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Group Meetings

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8 Pillars Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Members will enjoy full access to the group for as long as they reman a subscriber. Every member will receive:

  • Digital training on our Eight Pillars of Wellness
  •  Inclusion in our FaceBook based support group
  •  Free educational downloads
  • Complimentary meal plans (no extra charge)
  • Monthly group meeting either live in our learning centre, or virtually. 

If you choose not to continue you simply cancel prior to your renewal date. When you cancel you will continue to have access for the duration of the time you have paid for. Because we offer digital trainig we do not offer a trial or refund period.  

Being uncomfortable in groups, not wanting to speak or post is very common. Most people in our group start out feeling this way so are supper supportive of others who are also uncomfortable. We maintain confidentiality as much as possible, and you are never required to participate if you choose not to. While we feel the more you open up and participate the more likely you will be to progress toward your goals, everyone is welcome to move at their desired pace.

The group has no clearly defined criteria for accountability such as "weight loss". What you bring to the group, and what you are looking for from the group is very individual. While weight loss is the most common reason people join, weight gain, exercise, or emotional support are also a big part of the group. Our group is led by Melissa Weatherall RHNP, so our education is based in nutrition and personal life experience. We DO NOT give medical advice, diagnose etc. We do not give financial advice relationship advice or anything else outside our scope of practice. 

For more information on what we do

visit our core website for information on all our programs, plans, and courses. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep yourself informed of all our upcoming events. Our blog is a great spot for relevent information free of charge.


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