Balanced Wellness Learning Centre

Welcome to the Balanced-Wellness Learning Centre. This is a place for personal growth, we are more than just knowledge. Improve physical health, gain confidence, make friends, find what you've been searching for. 

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A Place for Learning and Personal Growth

Here at the Balanced-Wellness learning centre we believe in creating a supportive environment where all people can find a healthier happier version of themselves.

A Place For Learning

We believe in teaching people to be self reliant. With our support you will have the knowledge to navigate the complex world of nutrition and personal health.


We believe in support and companionship. You will never be alone, but we will always respect your right to participate in groups, or self direct your experience. 


We believe everyone no matter their situation can find success. Through easy to follow steps, patients, and a bit of effort we will get you to your goals. 

Balanced Wellness Programs

Mellissa Weatherall-Balanced Wellness runs three programs all designed to help you manage weight, increase energy, reduce stress, and slow the process of aging. All programs will fit your busy lifestyle, and give you the support you need for success. Get your feet wet with our 4 Day Reboot, build the right foundation with our Balanced Basics, or take control of your health for good with our Perfectly Balanced Reboot.   

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Consultations & Coaching

The best place to start is to find the root of what caused your health to get off track. A nutritional Consultation with Melissa Weatherall RHNP will take the mystery out of that weight gain, lack of energy, or sleepless stress filled nights. Melissa will get to the bottom of those nagging issues and develop a plan based on Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset. We know your busy, we understand budget, and we develop a plan just for you, that will work for you. 

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BW Accountability Group

The best ways to reach your life goals are through education, motivation, and repeatable actions. Our Accountability Group will give you all of these and more. Success and failure are based on our ability to overcome obstacles, enjoy the highs, and push through the lows. You don't need to do it alone. 

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Whether you have started a program, or are still feeling things out we HIGHLY recommend heading over to our main FaceBook group and liking the page to keep yourself up to date with what we are up to.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our programs come with membership to private support groups run by our administration. In most cases membership will be lifetime. You can also reach out for support through our website, social media, or email at any time.

In most cases you will have lifetime access to any courses you purchase. We may at some point run some smaller programs with limited time access, but you will be aware of this prior to purchase, and reminded during the program.

Our programs are taught through recorded video and downloadable guides and worksheets which makes them fully flexible for busy people. While we encourage registration and participation in group activities, forums, webinars etc, you are not required to do any of these things to complete your program.


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